Jinmei's vision: to become an influential packaging enterprises in China

The corporate vision of Jinmei Packaging is the goal that Jinmei people strive for, and is the beautiful expectation of Jinmei people for the future. It is like a beacon in the dark night, guiding us to keep moving forward. Jinmei Packaging pursues the harmonious development of business and the natural environment, advocates green marketing, and sets a benchmark for sustainable development in the industry; Jinmei Packaging is committed to providing a broad platform for employee development, attracting more outstanding talents in the industry, and promoting talents. Through continuous improvement, Jinmei Packaging provides customers with high-quality products and services, improves customer satisfaction, and ultimately makes the corporate image outstanding and respected ;


Jinmei's mission: to achieve employees' dreams and add value to the world's products

The corporate mission of Jinmei Packaging is a reflection of the fundamental reason and ultimate responsibility of Jinmei Packaging's existence and all activities. Jinmei Packaging is committed to providing employees with a platform for self-realization, helping employees grow and realizing self-worth, and then promoting the development of Jinmei Packaging, because we deeply realize that employees are the core of the enterprise, and only employees can make progress. ; Jinmei Packaging has established a strategic partnership of mutual benefit and mutual promotion in cooperation with customers. Jinmei aims to provide customers with high-quality products and services, help customers realize product value, and achieve win-win cooperation.

Jinmei's style: pragmatic, rigorous and efficient

Jinmei Packaging advocates a pragmatic, rigorous and efficient company style. The so-called pragmatism simply means to be practical, to go from flashy, everything from reality, pay attention to practical results. Specifically, all work objectives and work methods must be based on Jinmei's actual situation, down-to-earth, conscientious, and not too ambitious. Pragmatic and beautiful visions are not excluded, but we must deeply realize that all beautiful visions require our down-to-earth hard work and sweat, and perseverance. Any empty talk and fantasy will not stand the test of time, and will surely put our career on fire; rigor is both a style of work and a work habit. Simply speaking, it means careful logic, meticulousness, thoughtfulness and meticulousness, excellence, and pursuit of perfection.

To be rigorous in work, we must pay attention to every detail and every link in the work, focus on the big picture, start small, strictly control every link in the work, and refuse to "similarly" and other bad work habits; Efficiency is the goal of all companies. Efficiency builds advantages, and high efficiency means low cost. Efficiency is related to and different from what we often say "fast action" and "strong execution". Efficiency not only emphasizes the execution of the work process, but also requires the correctness of the results.

Therefore, in actual work, leaders must ensure scientific decision-making, reasonable authorization, reasonable organization, and clear responsibilities; employees must have clear goals, appropriate methods, and strong execution to ensure that the work is completed with the fastest results.


Jinmei's core values: integrity, responsibility, win-win cooperation, self-transcendence

Integrity---Integrity in words and honesty in deeds. This is Jinmei's personality creed. Jinmei always adheres to integrity to employees, customers and society. Countless cases of Chinese enterprise development in the past 30 years tell us that without integrity, even if a short-term success can be achieved, it cannot stand the test of time, and the success will soon become fleeting.

      Responsibility---Scholars must be courageous and have a long way to go. It can be seen that responsibility is the inner driving force for being positive and working hard. As Jinmeiren, we always bear in mind our responsibility - "achieve employees' dreams and add value to products in the world". A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From the first day of Jinmei's hazy birth to today's ten years, Jinmei may have been lost but never lost because we never forget the responsibility on our shoulders and persevere. Fight for it!

        Win-win cooperation---love and benefit each other, in Jinmei, people love each other, respect each other, unite, cooperate, and win-win. At Jinmei, we encourage every employee to continue learning, self-development, teamwork, and common improvement, because we believe that only when employees develop, can an enterprise develop; only a win-win and co-created enterprise has social significance!

        Self-transcendence---Tian Xingjian, the gentleman strives for self-improvement! The society and the environment we live in are constantly improving, which requires each of us at Jinmei to conform to the development of the society, keep learning, keep making progress, dare to challenge, dare to break through, be brave to be a trend-setter of the times, and lead the development of the industry. Only in this way can our company have hope, we can promote the progress of the industry, and we can promote the rejuvenation of the nation!