The group company launched the "Entrepreneurs" Cup Prize Essay Competition

Release time: 2016-05-24

Since the first company was established in April 2005, Jinmei Group, after 10 years of hard work, has developed into a grouped giant ship with 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries in the packaging industry and total assets exceeding 1 billion yuan. In this long and short journey, there are many stories of hard work and entrepreneurship. There are sour, sweet, bitter, astringent, and more beautiful women who are not afraid of hardships, failure, and dare to break through themselves. , The spirit, the spirit, and the god who face the difficulties.

In order to promote Jinmei's arduous entrepreneurial spirit, I hope that all Jinmei can inherit the mantle of entrepreneurs in the next ten years and continue to open up to the next level. The "Entrepreneur" Cup prize-winning essay competition is specially held.

The prize-winning essay competition was conducted in two stages.

The first stage:

1. Each subsidiary conducts an award-winning essay campaign, and the general manager participates in the organization and guidance to select a total of 3 winners and awards;

2. Participate in the second phase of the Group's selection of the top three essays on behalf of subsidiaries.


second stage:

1. The chairman and president of the group participated in the formation of the jury, and the top three best essays were selected;

2. At the same time, put the articles of the second stage of each subsidiary into the group's WeChat public platform, and all employees of the group and its subsidiaries (you can mobilize family and friends to participate together) WeChat public vote. ";

3. Announce the results and issue award certificates and bonuses.


Reward objects

Reward amount

First place

Second place

Third place

Bonus sources

The first stage

The top three selected by each subsidiary





second stage

The top three essays selected by the jury





The top three “popularity awards” selected by WeChat platform













The requirements for this essay: 1) Positive content, embodying company spirit and core values, outstanding in certain aspects, behavior must be authentic, behavior must be touching, behavior must be positively oriented; 2) The recorded events can be One or more important / critical events in the development of Jinmei Company (including but not limited to: technological innovation, factory-based, market development, cost control, equipment maintenance, crisis management, property protection, development ideas, etc. Aspect), the event is real, true feelings; 3) the object of the record can be a person, it can also be a group, team or company; 4) from life, above life, the expression can be appropriate art exaggeration; 5) genre Limit narratives, essays, essays, narrative poems, etc .; 6) The essay title (or subtitle) can be self-made; 6) Smooth writing, clear narrative, rigorous structure, sufficient arguments, and prominent themes.


  The schedule for this event is as follows:



Activity time


The first stage

Each subsidiary promotes and selects its top three (no less than 6 finalists)

May 20 to June 20, 2016


(Before June 22, send the electronic files of the first three articles to the mailbox "")

General manager of each subsidiary

second stage

Upload the top three articles selected by each subsidiary to the group's WeChat public platform "jmpackage"

June 22 to June 30, 2016

System Construction Project Director

The top three are selected by voting on the group's WeChat public platform

July 1 to July 10, 2016

Group employees

The selection committee selects the top three articles according to the selection rules

July 1 to July 10, 2016

Selection Committee

Announcement of selection results

July 13, 2016

Selection Committee