Working together to create a bumper harvest

Release time: 2018-12-07

In October, Guilin Jinmei ushered in the traditional peak season. In this harvest season, in order to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the group and create more benefits for the company, all employees work together to prepare for the battle. , Do the following safeguards.

First, carry out a re-education training on production safety.

Repeatedly publicize the safety production system, fire safety regulations, improve the safety awareness of all employees, use actual cases to let employees understand the hazards of the accident to the home and the company, and instill the idea of ​​"no matter how busy the production is, forget about safety and prevent production. "Understanding that only safety is the foundation of enterprise income generation.

Second, open source and cut expenditure, revenue is the mother of life, and waste is the martyr of profit.

Actively explore the market outwards and vigorously reduce costs and consumption inwards. Affected by the international environment, this year's peak season is not optimistic, requiring business personnel to visit frequently, learn more, be a good customer assistant, and take orders and take orders in the fierce competition. Advocate Mr. Zhao's idea of ​​"saving one gram of paper and one degree of electricity in production, and giving the business a price competitive advantage."

Third, personnel administration employs various methods to recruit supplementary personnel.

In the case of insufficient staff, encourage employees to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance of the Golden Beauty, from the vice president to the ordinary clerk, all take the initiative to use the lunch break to work on the production site, do what they can, remove, insert cards, Sticky box.

The family is hard-working, complaining about overtime and overtime work, delivering quality and quantity on time, and giving customers a satisfactory answer. It embodies the united spirit of Jinmei people and strives to become China's most influential packaging system.