Loving and helping students, igniting hope

Release time: 2018-12-21

The pain of skin-cutting cannot be avoided, such as poor family life; warmth and love, empathy, such as sending charcoal in the snow. Over the past few years, our company has been responding to the government's call for one-on-one assistance, donation to subsidized schools, dedication to the rural students in need, and our contribution to the poverty alleviation.

Last year, the love party came as scheduled. On October 12, 2017, the 2017 "Minle Family" hosted by Minle Town was held in the town government. During the activity, we continued to participate in the donation and funding activities. At that time, the secretary of Minle Township Committee said in particular: "Give roses to others and leave fragrance on hands. Yulin Jinmei has been actively participating in" one-on-one assistance activities "since 2015. Difficult college students, the student specially wrote a thank-you letter to your company to express his gratitude after going out of the society. In addition, in April 2016, he donated 100 sets of tables and chairs of the Folk Congregation Primary School, totaling 15,000 yuan. Jinmei Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. once again chose a student in need of help and continued to invest in aid funds. I thank the government. In the future, I hope that more caring people will participate in social welfare. "

The students funded by the company are children in the small mountain village, and her father died of illness at home, making her a child in a single-parent family. There are 5 people in her family. Besides her, she has three younger brothers and sisters studying. Although her mother worked in the Minle factory, as an ordinary worker, meager wages could not support the entire family. Facing such a poor family, we chose unconditional help. Therefore, from 2015 to the present, the company's leaders take the lead in sending the bursaries to their homes every year. Every month, people are sent to the homes of poor students. They talk to the elderly and talk about their children. They send them money, gifts, and warmth.

Caring for students with love is a social welfare undertaking that benefits modern and prosperous. It can not only help poor students to complete their studies, but also promote a kind of selfless dedication and help the weak and needy in the whole society.

2019 is coming. In the new year, at a new starting point, all employees of Yulin Jinmei Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. will continue to work hard to continue this love and contribute to Damei!