The company is a refuge for employees and a place where employees struggle

Release time: 2018-12-26

Everyone says that home is a warm harbour and a storehouse of security. There is no place comparable to the warmth, tranquility, comfort and freedom of home. What is home? Home is not a simple concept. Some people say that home is the smallest cell of society; some people say that home is a world of two people who depend on wind and rain. Family needs loved ones. Need a special true feelings, the house where the two care about each other is home. But people cannot stay in their homes for life, and people need to work to survive, so how to make their employees take this big family of our company as their home and pay their own silently and without regret for our big family What about hard work?

As a member of the company, our satisfaction and hope, pride and disappointment are closely related to the company, so "home to the company" is no longer the virtue of individual active employees, but the common value orientation of each employee. Every employee knows himself clearly and establishes a correct view of work. Starting from small things, we can create our common beautiful "home".

In fact, in order to truly create a home where employees can live and work in peace, they must first give employees more human care:

Human care = human management

Between the system and human nature, the system is the first, but the rules and regulations are not to restrict and require you to do, but to guide and guide you to do what.

1. What is the system?

The first is authority, the second is process, and the third is regulation.

If the employees are not rustic, what will be the specific performance?

First, lifelessness; second, better and better treatment, more and more job-hopping; third, there is obvious opposition between employees and cadres.

So what we have to do now is to always inspire your team, find out things that are worthy of praise every week, let go of authorized things and people, and let employees do the work and be responsible for what he does. To be talented, to know, to be responsible, and to use.

2. Promise to be courageous

Who caused the disheartened employees? How is it caused?

(1) Leadership commitments are not honored.

(2) The change is too fast and will change day after day.

All we have to do is not to make commitments to employees easily. We must promise a lot of money. The terms of the promises should be clear and not ambiguous. The implicit promise is that although there is no clear commitment to the employee, the employee thinks of the boss. Failure to do so, employees will think the boss is untrustworthy. Therefore, don't easily promise: such as salary issues, job issues and major material reward issues.


3. Never pay arrears:

(1) No matter how rich you are, you can't rich your children, no matter how hard you are, you can't suffer employees.

Employees are your first customers, and satisfaction can only guarantee customer satisfaction.

(2) Paying wages on time and bonuses in a timely manner is the primary magic weapon to increase employee motivation.

Note: When the company's benefits are good, it is not necessary to raise wages; at the same time, when the company's benefits are not good, you must not reduce wages. And we must arouse the team's enthusiasm and reshape the company's motivation.

4. Respect and appreciation for employees:

(1) Employee's salary and bonus are not the company's charity, but the employee's remuneration.

(2) Recognize the value of employees continuously, especially their contribution and loyalty to the company.

5. Let employees grow with the company

There are two kinds of income that the company gives employees: money + ability.

There is an old saying: self-cultivation, Qi family, ruling the country, and the world. It can be seen from this that self-cultivation is the fundamental and starting point, and is the basis for serving the company's large family. Self-cultivation is the continuous improvement of its own quality. Improve the quality of each family member and enhance the competitiveness of the "home". So how to self-cultivate?

External factors work through internal factors. First of all, we must love work and establish the concept of "my home, I am responsible, and the interests of the family are paramount." In daily work, today's things, today's work, finish work on time, be an expert in immediate execution, continuous innovation, 110% of the effort, improve work efficiency; learn self-management, be a learning employee; do good interpersonal relationship, good at effective Communicate, play a team spirit, and create a harmonious working environment; maintain a good attitude and keep a bad attitude away from work; boldly admit mistakes, be brave in taking responsibility, but learn to reflect on yourself;

Home is a sheltered harbor, comfortable, warm, and full of love. If we all regard the company as a "home" to love and operate, we always think about our home, everything about our home, and connect our company's future and destiny , Integrate the company's interests with their own interests, so that the company's "home" will inevitably become more prosperous!