Safety duties are more important than Mount Tai

Release time: 2019-01-09

What is security? Safety is to love and protect people's lives from damage. Safety is a kind of dignity. It is respect for others and respect for yourself. Security is a kind of politeness, the progress of the times, the development of society and the improvement of the overall quality of people. Safety is a bliss in life. With safety, there will be joy and warmth, and with safety, we will have a good life.

As an enterprise, safety management should go deep into all aspects of daily management and life. In this cold winter day, Shaoyang Jinmei has added many safety measures on the basis of insisting on the importance of safety production management in the past: 1) For the personal safety of employees, specially provided reflective clothing for employees who commute to work on bicycles; 2) In order to prevent female workers from getting hair caught in machinery and equipment, they issued hard hats for female employees in the production workshop. In order to put relevant requirements into place, safety education was carried out in workshops and teams, and the importance and necessity of implementing relevant requirements were continuously emphasized, and safety awareness was “printed” in mind and became everyone's self-need.

"Safety duty is more important than Mount Tai"! This is not only the responsibility of the enterprise, but also the responsibility of everyone. The enterprise shoulders the health of employees and the integrity of the family. Without safety, enterprises cannot talk about survival and development; without safety, they cannot talk about our personal health and life; without safety, we cannot talk about the integrity and happiness of the family.

 People-oriented is not only the essence of Shaoyang Jinmei's management culture, but also the Shaoyang Jinmei's management behavior criterion. Only by carefully implementing various safety regulations and measures can we truly escort the development of enterprises and contribute to the development of the Group.