See how US printers have successfully transformed digital printing

Release time: 2010-07-31

Sometimes, the most difficult time is when things go smoothly. Some printing managers can't break the current situation of this "pressure", and some people still hold the idea that "the road to the mountain must have a road".

Located in the outskirts of Washington, USA, Peake DeLancy Printing Company with 25 million US dollars of assets is currently facing the problem of how to break through difficult times. The company has won the honor and praise of the industry for its high printing quality and attention to detail. At present, it has a monochrome variable data printing business of nearly 1 million pages per month. According to Scott Shure, vice president of sales at Peake DeLancy Printing Company, they plan to expand into the field of digital color printing, but how do they currently face the problem? How to invest in equipment?

Shure said: "Obviously, the digital color printing business is just in its infancy, and the demand is gradually increasing. It only needs to prove that we can provide customers with high-quality digital color prints, and have the same monochrome variable data printing. High-precision printing capabilities can win customers. Peake DeLancy Printing Company has already started to cooperate with a financial service institution to provide them with a wide range of monochrome variable data prints. In the printing industry, customers will be monochrome printing business to digital It is normal for the direction of color printing to change, and the financial services company has begun to try digital printing at other printing companies.

Market expansion and expansion

Peake DeLancy Printing Company regards digital color printing as a good business development and an effective way to obtain more business opportunities. Therefore, the relevant person in charge of the company took their most difficult jobs to many digital printing machine manufacturers for field visits, and finally targeted the Canon ImagePRESS C7000vp with A3000 color server, and the authorized after-sales service of the device was loved by love Kang (IKON) company is responsible for support.

When talking about why Canon equipment was chosen, Shure said: "Choosing a large supplier can ensure the high quality of the equipment and the reasonableness of the price. The equipment is easy to operate and the quality of the printed matter is good. In addition, after-sales service also makes us With a deeper understanding of Aikang, their enthusiastic and patient equipment operation guidance, combined with professional training and practice, after 6 weeks of equipment testing time, we have established a good mutual trust relationship with Aikang. " Interestingly, Peake DeLancey Printing Company soon discovered more business opportunities hidden behind digital color printing, such as short-color printing of postcards, leaflets and small brochures. One of the most prominent examples is the acquisition of book work for printing a similar catalog for an art museum. "If there is no equipment to produce high-quality prints, it is impossible to obtain these demanding customers." Shure added.

Another example of successful market expansion is that Peake DeLancy Printing Company provided a hotel with a large number of synthetic stock prints produced by combining digital printing and lithography, and this print won the world-renowned Benny Printing Award At the GraphExpo exhibition at the end of October.

Good company reputation

In fact, for the Peake DeLancey printing company, the new digital color printing capability has been well proven. The company has won the favor of a large number of advertising companies. Shure explained: "No matter what businessmen in the industry, as long as they understand the 1: 1 marketing concept, direct communication and facing consumers are far better than static information transmission, so they are very supportive of variable data color printing.

Peake DeLancey Printing Company can now undertake jobs involving variable data printing in any field. Digital color printing can also enable companies to obtain additional business-related orders, such as mailing materials for account holders of the two banks being acquired Printing jobs, including the printing of relevant background information on the merger of the two banks and the relevant information of each bank account holder.