Guangxi Autonomous Region's 3rd Printing and Reproduction Industry Steps to Introduce Capital

Release time: 2010-07-31

A few days ago, at the 3rd Pan-Pearl Printing and Copying Industry Cooperation and Development Forum and Negotiation Meeting, the printing and copying industry in our district signed 11 projects with a total capital of 680 million.

The Autonomous Region Press and Publication Bureau attached great importance to this forum and the seminar, and organized a total of 30 representatives, including district and city press and publication department managers, some entrepreneurs, and investors, to bring 11 contracted projects and 1 promotion project to participate in the contract And referrals. The scope of the project involves business printing, printing electromechanical, packaging and printing, industrial park and printing base construction and other industries. Guangdong Hongrui Investment Co., Ltd. signed an investment of 250 million yuan to build Guilin Hongrui Business Printing Center at this signing date.

In the past two years, the Guangxi Press and Publication Bureau has focused on promoting the leap-forward development of the publishing industry in Guangxi. In particular, it has taken a series of measures to strengthen the printing and replication industry and increase investment. One is to carry out in-depth research on the investment promotion work of optimizing the environment; the second is to actively coordinate and guide the city ’s press and publication bureaus to carry out the investment promotion work; the third is to establish a database for the printing and replication industry investment promotion project, strengthen the planning and steadily promote it; Improve and perfect the administrative examination and approval, optimize the government affairs environment; Fifth, lead delegations to economically developed provinces and regions to attract investment and take the initiative to undertake industrial transfer. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008 Guangxi's printing and replication industry attracted 740 million yuan, 16.21 times that of 2007.