my growing up story

Release time: 2019-01-09

We shoulder the mission of "achieving employees' dreams and adding value to the world's products", and take the realization of "self-transcendence" as the guide to make continuous progress and growth. As a member of the company, we have to adjust our pace and keep up with the wave of company development.

On March 10th of this year, I applied for a job at Shaoyang Jinmei Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. After an interview and inspection, I finally took up a job in the company's material control department as an intern. In this way, the company has no jobs. Experienced warehouse keeper. It took me a while to adapt to an unfamiliar environment. I am fortunate to have met many enthusiastic colleagues and leaders who gave me a lot of care and guidance outside of work.

Getting the job done is a responsibility, even a small one, and it has to be taken seriously. And just like that, I started my career at Kimmy. The work is relatively simple, but it is not easy to stick to it. After slowly meeting and getting to know colleagues, get to know their respective positions and jobs.

During the thunderstorm season in May, the climate is changeable. I remember that day there were cardboards waiting to be shipped out of the warehouse. It was about to rain. We were short of manpower and could not act for a while. At the moment of panic, the vice president of production Mr. Huang, the heads of various departments, and the salesmen rushed over to cover the tarpaulin, pull the tray, and lay the wood together. The showers came, and everyone worked together to cover the last remaining cargo in the wind and rain. The rain was heavy, blurring my eyes, but I could hear the happy words: "Finally covered!" "Free bath!". Looking at the soaked clothes and muddy hands of the seniors, I immediately understood the sentence - "There is never a humble job, only a humble work mentality". Even if we are a small warehouse manager, we have to do things well in an upright manner and complete the work in a down-to-earth manner. Each position has its own meaning.

Time flies, 2018 is about to pass, and I have also experienced a lot in these hurried years. Whenever I am confused, I can find the answer in our excellent employees and seniors, absorb nutrients, and grow. I have always been grateful to my colleagues and seniors who accompanied me. I am glad that "Jin Mei" gave me a chance to slowly integrate into this excellent group. "Self-transcendence" is the connotation of our core values, and moving forward is our choice because we are "Golden Beauty". As a new member, I believe that the "Jin Mei" who grew up together will surely walk out a path of prosperity, and we will witness together at that time.