Dare to break through and challenge yourself

Release time: 2018-12-21

It has been three months since I came to the company. Looking back on the experience of these three months, it is our exploration process to develop the Liuzhou Jinmei carton business.

Liuzhou Jinmei is in the entire Jinmei family. Currently, her energy is insignificant. However, it is also thriving with the support of parents and brothers. In the first month of the carton workshop, we achieved an output value of 1.2 million, and in the following two months, the growth rate increased by 48%, showing a good and continuous growth trend, which is due to the hard work of every member of the team. not open.

Since its establishment, Liuzhou Jinmei has been focusing on cardboard production and sales for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in cardboard production and sales. However, for cardboard boxes, for Liuzhou Jinmei employees, everyone is still relatively unfamiliar before July. The leaders of the company are far-sighted, and through detailed market research and judgment, they decided to develop the carton business, and set up a carton production and sales team in just one month. At the same time, the management team with the general manager as the core has carefully sorted out the control process of each link and formulated the management responsibility system of each department, so that everyone in our team can work according to the process and standard.

In terms of specific business development, Liuzhou Jinmei adopted a strategy from simple to complex. Through the experience of various production difficulty products, everyone's cognition of product technology and quality has been continuously improved and improved, and the standardized requirements and control methods for carton production technology and quality management have gradually been formed. "Products must be refined. When your quality is alone in the market, everything will be solved!" Everyone in this team is working hard...  

Liuzhou Jinmei, a new star, wants to illuminate the Liuzhou market, the Guangxi market and the entire South China region, and it needs to continue to challenge and break through to achieve the expected goals. We are already on the way..... .