Nanning Jinmei held a production seminar to actively resolve customer feedback

Release time: 2016-11-28

For the company's long-term development strategic goals, improve the production system, committed to product quality and serve customer needs. In October 2016, the company's leadership team, led by the company's deputy general manager of production, Cheng Cunchun, organized a production seminar on the theme of "quality control, production efficiency, equipment management".

Guangxi Jinmei Packaging

 The meeting mainly focused on the feedback from customers and the company's production status, and made efforts to solve the problems one by one. According to the customer feedback and problem points fed back by the marketing department, the responsible departments involved proposed corresponding rectification plans. Through continuous discussion and research at the meeting, the deputy general manager of production eventually made unified deployment plans and implementation requirements. The issues reflected in the meeting were faithfully recorded and implemented to the responsible departments, teams, and individuals, and implemented, tracked, and implemented as planned.