The 9th wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinmei Printing and Packaging Group settled in Zhanjiang

Release time: 2016-12-11

Jinmei Group ushered in a happy event in the warm winter and sunny weather, and Jinmei Group's ninth wholly-owned subsidiary officially settled in Zhanjiang. On December 9, 2016, Zou Junjun, the general manager of Beihai Jinmei Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., and Yuan Yihong, a representative of Guangdong Yipin Industrial Group, held a signing ceremony for the Zhanjiang project at Beihai Jinmei Company.
The signing of the contract signifies that the two parties have established a solid strategic cooperative partnership, which has laid a good foundation for the continued, healthy and rapid development of Jinmei Group's strategic layout in Guangdong Province. It also marks the ninth company of Jinmei Group set sail in Guangdong!
Zhanjiang Company is located in Guangdong Yipin Furniture Industrial Park, Jinshan Industrial Park, Lianjiang City, Guangdong Province. The project is planned and implemented by Beihai Jinmei. It is expected to be officially put into operation in August 2017, and the annual output value is expected to reach 400 million yuan.